GMR-023 Workshop Model

Run-Flat Tire Changer Workshop Model (GMR-023)

The GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Machine Workshop Model simplifies the military tire’s run-flat tire’s installation and removal process. It caters to rim sizes between 16 and 27. 

Workshop Model is ideal for use in enclosed spaces, particularly within military bases that have a 6×6 square meter available area.


Key Features of the GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Machine Workshop Model

Run-Flat Removal

Safely and efficiently remove run-flat systems from tubeless heavy-duty tires using safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders.

Split Rim Wheel Replacement

It works on multi-piece wheels, where the tire is secured by a locking ring. It simplifies the locking rim removal and installation process.

Run-Flat Installation

Securely and swiftly install run-flat inserts into tubeless military tires with the help of run-flat tyre press.

Heavy-Duty Tire Lifting System

The tire with a complete wheel can be easily moved with the help of the crane controlled by the remote control.​

Remote Control

The run-flat changer machine features two control devices – a joystick and a remote control. The joystick is mounted on the run-flat tyre press, and both devices are equipped with emergency buttons for enhanced safety.

Benefits of GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Workshop Model

  • Time and cost savings: Reuse undamaged run-flat technology by disassembling and assembling them with our hydraulic piston-cylinder system.
  • Versatile solutions: Choose from our three unique models designed to meet specific usage needs and demands.
  • Streamlined process: Disassemble and reassemble runflat inserts quickly and efficiently with our innovative technology for armored vehicles.
  • High compatibility: Our military tire changer stands out with its ability to fit a broad range of military vehicles. Military personnel can easily keep their operation smoothly with run-flat machine. This makes changing military tires easier and increases productivity for heavy-duty vehicles. 
  • Hutchinson VFI runflat inserts: Our entire range of run-flat tire changer machines is fully compatible with Hutchinson’s single-piece rubber-reinforced run-flat VFI tires. Furthermore, these machines possess identical functionalities that are adaptable to various other brands.


The GMR-023 Run-Flat tire press is designed to be mounted on the ground mostly on military bases.

It is particularly compatible with most military vehicles that have 16-27 inch rim tire sizes.

It is mostly suitable for one-piece, rubber and reinforced run-flat inserts. Run-flat changer machine has been produced especially for the installation and removal of Hutchinson VFI runflat systems.

It is absolutely necessary for these armoured vehicles, especially for vehicles used for military purposes. Tire damage or low tire inflation poses a danger to the user as they are very heavy vehicles. therefore, military vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles should definitely use run-flat systems. Military tyre damage can be simply the loss of air pressure, tyres deflated, firearms or any damage. Run-Flat Inserts support the weight while driving without loss of control in difficult conditions that require safety.
Hutchinson VFI run-flat removal
*If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ page. Our team will be more than happy to assist with your needs.

Comparison with Other Models

Explore GM Defensive’s range of run-flat tire machine solutions. Compare the GMR-023 Workshop Model with our GMH-098 Container Model and GMT-099 Trailer Model. Find the one that best suits your needs. See the compression table of our three different military tire changer models.

Some of the military vehicles with tires mostly compatible with GM's run-flat tire machines

*If you are unable to locate the military vehicles for which you require a run-flat changer to replace their tires, kindly complete the form with the names of the armored vehicles, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

  • Strykers
  • BTR-3
  • BTR-4
  • BTR-60
  • BTR-60PU-12M
  • BTR-70
  • BTR-80
  • Bushmaster
  • Cougar
  • International M1224 MaxxPro
  • Kozak-5
  • KrAZ Cobra
  • KrAZ Cougar
  • KrAZ Shrek
  • KrAZ Spartan
  • KrAZ-255B
  • KrAZ-260
  • KrAZ-6322
  • Mastiff
  • Patria Pasi
  • Saxon
  • Alvis 4
  • Varta
  • Humvees
  • Humvee
  • Husky TSV
  • Inkas Titan-S
  • Leyland DAF
  • Cougar
  • International M1224 MaxxPro
  • Mastiff
  • Rocket Artillery Systems
  • BM-21 Gra
  • BM-27 Uragan
  • BM-30 Smerch
  • RM-70
  • AMX-10 RC
  • BRDM-2
  • Ferret
  • BMC Kirpi
  • Bogdan Bars-6
  • Bogdan Bars-8
  • DAF YA-4442
  • GAZ-3308
  • Gaz-63
  • GAZ-66
  • Iveco ACM 80/90
  • Iveco Astra SM 66.40 Prime Mover
  • Iveco LMV
  • Iveco Trakker
  • Iveco VM 90P
  • KamAZ-4310
  • KamAZ-4326
  • KamAZ-4350
  • KamAZ-5350
  • KamAZ-6350
  • Leyland DAF
  • MAZ-5337
  • Oshkosh
  • TRG-230
  • Ural-375D
  • Ural-4320
  • AMZ Dzik
  • ATF Dingo
  • Gaia Amir
  • GAZ-2975 Tigr
  • Novator
  • OTR-21 Tochka
  • Ovod
  • R-145BM1
  • R-149MA1
  • Roshel Senator
  • Triton
  • Kozak-2
  • Typhoon