Run-Flat Tire Changer


Opportunities with
Run-Flat Tire Changer

-Lift up & down armored vehicle’s heavy runflat tires
-Disassemble the flange and locking rings & the rim
-Disassemble the Run-Flat from the armored vehicle’s tire
-Operate the machine with the help of the remote control
-Reassemble the flange and lacking rings & the rim
-Reassemble the Run-Flat into the armored vehicle’s tire
-Operate the machine with the help of the remote control


  • Lift System
  • Ring remover system
  • Hydraulic system Unit
  • Controller Unit
  • Electric Power System
  • 20-foot storage container
  • Air conditioner
  • 8-meter length
  • Generator
  • Compressor
  • Full Tool Chest on Wheels
  • Air inflator with Pressure Gauge
  • Air Powered Impact Lug Nut Wrench
run flat tire changer models comparisiontable

Standard workshop model comes into operation and does not change location if certain workshop and electrical conditions are met.

It is suitable for organizations that do not need to transport or relocate a tire-changing machine to different locations with the need of armored vehicles.

It includes all the functions to perform run-flat tire changing for armored vehicles. It is allow to diassembly and reassembly of their run-flat tire.

Container Run-Flat Tire Changing machine fits in a 20-foot container that bears a valid international transit certificate.

Container model diverges in a more compact design. The system can operate with power supplied from generators.

Container allow military to make the tire changing machine for armored vehicles transportation easily in operation zones, barren fields like the Saharan deserts, and on the battlefields.

Trailer run-flat changer model has wheels that can move and can be attached to the back of trucks.

This run-flat changer is preferred according to the distance, displacement, and mobility preference of the armored vehicles from the workshop.

Trailer model also carries a run-flat tire changing machine in a 20 ft container which also allows protection as well as the mobility. Our containers have international transit certificates.


Tires of armored vehicles are damaged very often and quickly, as they are constantly mobile and drivable in variety of surfaces. Instead of buying a new run-flat tire after each tire is damaged, as run-flat is not damage inside and usable to use over and over again by simply removing the undamaged run-flat inside the tire. Disassemble the un-damaged run-flat and reassemble it to the new tire allows organizations to reduce their expenses to affording only for the tubeless tire.

Run-Flat Tire Changer Machine performs the disassembly and reassembly of their run-flat tire with the push and pull mechanism of the hydraulic piston cylinders.This machine has 3 types that provide different usage areas and convenience in line with the needs and demands of the buyer.

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