About Us

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Our Vision

GM Defensive is a defense industry contractor, trusted by worldwide armored forces. It produces solutions for the land armies of various states and organizations or companies with military vehicles to manage their military tires more effectively.

Our Mission

GM aims to provide the best solutions with the best product quality to the armies of many different countries or to defense contractors with armored vehicles. Currently, GM’s most important project is the run-flat tire changing machine. GM’s goal is to introduce the run-flat tire changing machine to the whole world, to transport it and to enable it to be used. One of these solutions is the run-flat changer machines for military and armoured vehicles. Run-Flat Tire Machine has 3 types that provide different usage areas and convenience in line with the needs and demands of the buyer. The standard workshop model(GMR-023) comes into operation and does not change location if certain workshop and electrical conditions are met. Container model(GMH-098) is a run-flat tire changer machine that can be operated inside a 20 ft container. Since it is a container, it can be transported and better adapts to harsh working conditions. Another Run-Flat Machine model is with the trailer one(GMT-099). This model has wheels that can move and can be attached to the back of trucks. GMT-099 is preferred according to the distance, displacement and mobility preference of the armored vehicles from the workshop. The trailer model also carries a run-flat tire changing machine in a 20 ft container. Our containers have international transit certificates.


GM Defensive is also defense contractor on the World’s well-known defense industry’ news, procurement, contractors, and suppliers leading platform.

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Numbers Don’t Lie

As the run-flat tire changing machine has been used for military tires for more than 10 years now, its demand has increased. The increase in the use of 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 military vehicles has increased the demand for run-flat tire changing machines. Our run-flat tire changing machine is used in more than 50 locations in more than 29 countries.


GM run-flat tire changer machine is used in more than 40 locations in more than 27 countries.

Our History

GM Defensive Ind. Co. started its activities in 1980. The aim has been to meet the needs of the armies of various states by using advanced technologies. Over the years, GM Defensive has benefited the defense industry by producing and supplying a variety of products and solutions as a reliable defense contractor.

The important project has been for around 10 years, the project of the run-flat tire changing machine and the various models, such as container and trailer one. GM has delivered different models of the machine to more than 50 locations in more than 29 countries, installed and provided their training.

For the first time in Turkey, CNC Bogie Inserting-Assembly Press, Robotic Bogie Body Welding Production Line, Fully automatic Bogie Body Sandblasting device has been installed in Tudemsas Sivas Railway Wagon Factory. It has also delivered the test devices that test the Brake Systems of the wagons to the wagon factories.

GM develops its product range by being the representative of many international companies that make quality production in their own fields. Some of the companies we represent are Blastman Robotics.

Business Partnership

GM Defensive develops its product range by being the representative of many international companies that make quality production in their own fields. Some of the companies we represent are Blastman Robotics.

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    Blastman Robotics Ltd
    Blastman Robotics Ltd is the world leader in the supply of reliable and advanced robotic abrasive cleaning systems. It has 30 years of experience providing specialized applications for road and rail transport, weaving mills, wind energy, various steel structures, aviation and much more. An increasing choice for blast cleaning installations around the world, the Blastman Robot is used in all abrasive blast cleaning and surface treatment lines. Blastman Robotics Ltd is your dedicated, supportive and reliable partner to protect your chosen system, your facility for life, and support your company's changing needs. From rail to aviation, Blastman's advanced robotics solutions are by far the most economical and reliable business choice.