GMH-098 Container Model

Run-Flat Tire Changer Container Model (GMH-098)

Run-Flat Tire Changer Machine Container Model (GMH-098)

GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Changing machine is fits in a 20-foot container that bears a valid international transit certificate.

Typically having all characteristics of the standard version, this model diverges in a more compact design.

The system can operate with power supplied from generators. Container allow military to make the transportation easily in operation zones, barren fields like the Saharan deserts, and on the battlefields.

Main Features of Run-Flat Changer Machine with Container (GMH-098)

Lifting up and down heavy run-flat tires of armored vehicles.

Separates rim and rings from the tire.

Disassembling and reassembling of the run-flat tire with the push and pull mechanism of the hydraulic piston cylinders.

All functions of the machine are controlled by radio remote control and joystick system.

Operates at 380 V- 415 V with 3-Phase current. It can also change within the country’s requirements.


Comfortable working environment with cooling and heating options.

Compare with other models

Compare with other models

Armored vehicles with flat or damaged tire by firearms or any kind of damage while driving to escape from danger quickly and without loss of control in difficult conditions that requires safety.