Run-Flat Tire Machine GMH-098 Container Model

Run-Flat Tire Machine GMH-098 Container Model is a compact version that fits into a 20-foot container. Designed as a run flat replacement machine for military vehicles, it allows for easy transportation across various operation zones. Its capability as a military tire changer ensures that it meets the rigorous demands of military logistics.

Dimensions and Portability: With a footprint of approximately 6.5×2.5 square meters, the GMH-098 can be easily transported to various locations. This runflat tire machine integrates seamlessly into military workflows, offering exceptional mobility and deployment capabilities.

Key Features of the GMH-098 Run-Flat Changer Machine Container Model

Run Flat Tire Machine Split Rim Wheel Removal

Run-Flat Removal​​

Safely and efficiently remove run-flat systems from tubeless heavy-duty tires using safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders. This runflat changer machine is essential for quick military runflat replacement in field conditions.

Run Flat Tire Changer Machine Run Flat Removal

Split Rim Wheel Replacement

It works on multi-piece wheels, where the tire is secured by a locking ring. This process is simplified by the run flat tire changer, making it easier to handle run flat replacement tasks efficiently.

Run Flat Tire Machine Run Flat Installation

Run-Flat Installation​

Securely and swiftly install run-flat inserts into tubeless military tires, using the Hutchinson run flat installation procedures to ensure accuracy and safety.

Lifting Capacity Runflat Tire Changing Machine

Heavy-Duty Tire Lifting System

The tire with a complete wheel can be easily moved with the help of a crane controlled by remote control. This run flat tire machine is designed to handle the robust requirements of military run flat assembly.

Run Flat Changer Machine Container Model

Container Storage​

Run-flat installation, run-flat removal, and split rim replacement can all be carried out within the container, ensuring continued mobility across various military operation zones. This runflat inserting machine is built to perform under pressure.

Run Flat Tire Machine Container Model Remote Control

Remote Control Features

The machine features two control devices—a joystick and a remote control, both equipped with emergency buttons for enhanced safety, making it a user-friendly military runflat machine.

Run Flat Changer Machine Container Model Air Conditioner Unit

Air Conditioner

The heating and cooling air-conditioning system ensures a comfortable working environment, crucial for maintaining operational efficiency in harsh weather conditions.

Benefits of GMH-098 Run-Flat Changer Container Model

Military personnel can quickly and efficiently replace damaged tires on armored vehicles with the GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Machine model. The run flat machine offers:

Enhanced Mobility and Transportation Capabilities:

Ensures rapid deployment in diverse operation zones, including barren fields and battlefields.

Compatibility with Hutchinson Run-Flat Inserts:

This feature positions the GMH-098 as a runflat tire changer that is adaptable and reliable.

User-Friendly Military Tire Machine:

Equipped with a remote control and joystick system that simplifies operations.

Electric Power System:

Designed to accommodate various country requirements, enhancing the flexibility of this military run flat replacement tool.

Detailed Overview of Military and SWAT Vehicles Compatible with GMH-098

HEMTT and M984A4 Wrecker:


The HEMTT wrecker, specifically the M984A4 HEMTT wrecker, is a cornerstone in military logistics, designed for heavy-duty recovery operations.

Oshkosh M1120A4

This Army HEMTT wrecker serves as a tactical vehicle for the US Army, providing essential support in retrieving damaged or immobilized equipment.

HEMTT A4 Wrecker

The robustness of the Oshkosh HEMTT platform ensures that these vehicles can operate in diverse terrains, making them perfect candidates for our GMH-098, which offers compatible runflat tire and runflat insert solutions for these heavy-duty trucks.

Lenco Bearcat Swat Armored Vehicles

BearCat and Lenco Vehicles

The BearCat military vehicle, including the Lenco BearCat and the Lenco B.E.A.R., is widely utilized by SWAT and law enforcement units for its armor protection and off-road capabilities

The armored BearCat vehicle and BearCat SWAT vehicle are equipped with interiors designed to support law enforcement during intense operations.

Our GMH-098 model is ideal for maintaining the BearCat police vehicle, ensuring that runflat systems are always operational, providing reliability when it matters most.

APC and Boxer Vehicles

APC Military Vehicles

APC trucks, such as the Boxer APC and armored personnel carrier, are pivotal in military operations, offering mobility and protection.

AMX-10 RC Armored Vehicle on Parade

These armored APCs are designed to transport personnel through hostile environments, requiring reliable tire systems that our GMH-098 can service efficiently.

Rheinmetall Boxer Land 400

The military APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) and SWAT team trucks benefit from the quick and safe tire replacement capabilities of our machine, particularly when equipped with military runflat tires.

Specialized and Tactical Vehicles

Vehicles like the Polaris MRZR D4 and SWAT cars require agility and rapid deployment capability.

Our GMH-098 supports these vehicles by ensuring that tires, a critical component of mobility, are maintained to the highest standards.

Whether it’s the HEMTT truck, the Hemtt tow truck, or the Sheriff SWAT truck, our product offers unparalleled support in maintaining tire integrity with Hutchinson run flat technology.

Tactical Armored Vehicles

Compatibility with Diverse Military Trucks


Our product is also adept at servicing vehicles like the Hemmitt military vehicle, Army Hemmitt, and the versatile SWAT Bear vehicle.

Oshkosh M1120A4

These platforms, known for their durability and essential roles in both peacekeeping and combat scenarios, require dependable tire solutions like those provided by the GMH-098. 


Additionally, the Hemmett truck and Hemtt army truck are frequent beneficiaries of our advanced runflat systems, which include both runflat tire and runflat insert options designed for heavy-duty use.


Most frequent questions and answers

The GMH-098 is designed to accommodate a wide range of runflat inserts, including one-piece, rubber, and reinforced types. It is particularly effective for the installation and removal of Hutchinson VFI runflat systems, making it a versatile tool for military tire assembly and runflat disassembly.

While the GMH-098 shares many features with the GMR-023 Workshop Model, it distinguishes itself with its compact size, fitting into a 20-foot container, and an internal air-conditioning system. This makes it ideal for field operations where runflat replacement and military tire replacement are required under diverse environmental conditions.

Yes, the GMH-098 can efficiently operate using power from generators. This flexibility ensures that military runflat disassembly and runflat assembly can proceed uninterrupted in various operational scenarios.

The GMH-098 is housed in a 20-foot container with dimensions of 8 ft 6 in high, 8 ft wide, and 24.4 ft long. It has a payload capacity of 25,000 kg (55,126.9 lbs) and a cubic capacity of 33.2 m^3 (1,172 cu ft), ideal for handling runflat tire changes and military tire machine operations.

The GMH-098 is equipped with advanced features to facilitate both run flat assembly and disassembly. It supports military runflat assemble and disassemble tasks efficiently, making it an essential machine for maintaining vehicle readiness in military and law enforcement fleets.

The GMH-098 is a runflat changer machine that stands out for its robustness and ease of use in challenging conditions. It is capable of run flat disassembly, Hutchinson run flat installation, and military runflat replacement, ensuring that vehicles are quickly ready for deployment.

Absolutely. This runflat tire machine is specifically engineered to handle both military runflat disassemble and assemble processes. Its dual functionality is vital for operational efficiency in military contexts, where time and reliability are critical.

Yes, the GMH-098 military runflat machine can service a broad spectrum of military vehicles. Its compatibility with military wheels and tires makes it a universal solution for military run flat replacement and maintenance.

Some of the military vehicles with tires mostly compatible with GM's run-flat tire machines

*If you are unable to locate the military vehicles for which you require a run-flat changer to replace their tires, kindly complete the form with the names of the armored vehicles, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

M1126 ICV
International M1224 MaxxPro
KrAZ Cobra
KrAZ Cougar
KrAZ Shrek
KrAZ Spartan
Patria Pasi
Alvis 4
BAE Systems RG-31 Nyala
BAE Systems BvS10 Viking
BAE Systems Hagglunds CV90
General Dynamics Land Systems LAV III (Light Armored Vehicle III)
General Dynamics Land Systems Stryker Armored Vehicle
Rheinmetall Boxer Armored Fighting Vehicle
Nexter Titus
Otokar Cobra Armored Personnel Carrier
FNSS Defense Systems Pars Armored Personnel Carrier
Iveco SuperAV
ST Engineering Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle

International M1224 MaxxPro
Rocket Artillery Systems
BM-21 Gra
BM-27 Uragan
BM-30 Smerch
Oshkosh M-ATV
BAE Systems RG-33 MRAP
BAE Systems Caiman MRAP
Navistar Defense MaxxPro MRAP
General Dynamics RG-31 Nyala MRAP
Thales Group Bushmaster
Plasan Sasa SandCat

General Dynamics LAV Reconnaissance Vehicle series
Oshkosh L-ATV
BAE Systems RG-31 Nyala Reconnaissance Vehicle
Nexter System Véhicule Blindé Léger (VBL)
Rheinmetall Fuchs Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
ST Engineering Light Strike Vehicle
Iveco Defense Light Multirole Vehicle
Textron Systems Commando Select Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle

Husky TSV
Inkas Titan-S
Leyland DAF
Oshkosh JLTV
General Dynamics M1161 Growler
General Dynamics M1163 Prime Mover
Ford F-150 Raptor
Polaris MRZR
Textron Wildcat
BAE Systems RG Outrider

Oshkosh HEMTT A4
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M978A4 Fuel Servicing Truck
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M983A4 Light Equipment Transporter (LET)
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M984A4 Recovery Truck
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M985A4 Guided Missile Transporter (GMT)
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M1120A4 Load Handling System (LHS)
BAE Systems HEMTT A4 M1075A1P2 Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET)
Navistar Defense MaxxPro Dash
Navistar Defense MaxxPro MRAP
AM General M977 HEMTT Cargo Truck
AM General M978 HEMTT Fuel Servicing Truck
AM General M983 HEMTT Tractor Truck
AM General M984 HEMTT Wrecker
AM GeneralM985 HEMTT Cargo Truck with Material Handling Crane (MHC)
MAN Truck HX77
Rheinmetall MAN HX2
Rheinmetall MAN HX3
Rheinmetall MAN HX4
Rheinmetall MAN HX45
Rheinmetall MAN HX58
Iveco Defense Trakker

Clearpath Robotics Husky
General Dynamics Multi-Utility Tactical Transport

BMC Kirpi
Bogdan Bars-6
Bogdan Bars-8
DAF YA-4442
Iveco ACM 80/90
Iveco Astra SM 66.40 Prime Mover
Iveco LMV
Iveco Trakker
Iveco VM 90P
Leyland DAF
Oshkosh FMTV
MAN Truck MAN HX77
Mercedes-Benz Zetros
Scania Gryphus
Sherpa Light

Ratel IFV
Nexter System VBCI
ST Engineering Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle
Patria AMV
FNSS Defense System Pars III 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Nexter Systems VBCI

AMZ Dzik
ATF Dingo
Gaia Amir
GAZ-2975 Tigr
OTR-21 Tochka
Roshel Senator