Run-Flat Machine GMT-099 Trailer Model

Run-Flat Tire Machine GMT-099, equipped on a trailer with its’ container. IT provides a highly efficient run flat replacement machine environment for run-flat tire changes. This machine is not only a standard run flat tire changer but also a comprehensive solution for military runflat replacement.

Key Features of the GMT-099 Run-Flat Changer Machine

Run Flat Tire Machine Split Rim Wheel Removal

Run-Flat Removal​​

Utilize this run flat machine to safely and efficiently remove run-flat systems from tubeless heavy-duty tires using advanced safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders.​

Run Flat Tire Changer Machine Run Flat Removal

Split Rim Wheel Removal​

This feature simplifies the locking ring & rim removal and installation process. It enhances the functionality of the runflat tire changer for multi-piece wheel systems.

Run Flat Tire Machine Run Flat Installation

Run-Flat Installation​

The GMT-099 excels in Hutchinson run flat installation. It securely and swiftly inserts run-flat systems into tubeless military tires.

Run Flat Machine Trailer Generator


Provides a reliable power source, making this military run flat replacement machine fully independent of external electrical sources.​​

Run Flat Changer Machine Trailer Model Container Storage

Container Storage​

Supports run flat tire machine operations like run-flat installation, removal, and split rim replacement directly within the container, ensuring mobility.

Run Flat Tire Machine Container Model Remote Control

Remote Control​

Features dual control devices—a joystick and a remote control with emergency buttons, boosting the safety and functionality of this runflat inserting machine.​

Run flat Changing Machine Trailer Model


Includes a high-quality air compressor that delivers the necessary air pressure for efficient military run flat disassemble and assembly operations.​

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Ideal Mobile Solution

This Run-Flat Changer Machine is perfect for organizations seeking a versatile, mobile solution for their Run-Flat Tires. It allows for effortless relocation and transportation, making it a quintessential runflat tire machine for military operations. The adaptability of this model ensures that it functions effectively as a runflat changer machine across various demanding environments.

Run Flat Changer Machine Fool Tool Chest on Wheels

Full Tool Chest on Wheels & Electric Screwdriver

Offers easy access to all essential tools needed for military tire machine tasks.

Run Flat Changer Machine Container Model Air Conditioner Unit

Air Conditioner​

Maintains a comfortable working environment, critical for operations in diverse weather conditions.​

Run Flat Changer Machine Air Inflator with Pressure Gauge

Air Inflator with Pressure Gauge​

Ensures accurate inflation of military tires, crucial for maintaining optimal performance and safety.​

Benefits of GMT-099 Run-Flat Changer Trailer Model

Increased Tactical Readiness:

Its drivable design facilitates quick, on-site tire maintenance in field situations and combat zones, suitable for any military runflat machine.

Comfortable Working Environment:

The air-conditioned container provides optimal working conditions, regardless of external temperatures.

Comprehensive Toolset:

Includes a generator, air-powered impact wrench, tire inflator, and a full tool chest, demonstrating its capability as a comprehensive run flat replacement machine.

Maintenance Automation:

Equipped with a hydraulic system, ring remover system, lift system, and remote control operation to streamline all tire maintenance processes efficiently.

Detailed Compatibility and Vehicle Integration​

Optimized for High-Profile Armored and SWAT Vehicles

The GMT-099 Run-Flat Tire Changer Machine is indispensable for vehicles such as:


Lenco BearCat SWAT

This vehicle is designed for urban tactical response by SWAT teams, featuring high maneuverability and ballistic protection.

Lenco BearCat Armored Vehicle

It serves multiple roles, including as a personnel carrier and a defense platform against both ballistic and explosive threats.

Lenco BearCat G3​

The latest iteration in the BearCat line, offering enhanced features such as increased armor, better space for personnel, and advanced communication systems.
KrAZ Cougar

Versatility Across a Range of Military Applications

Our GMT-099 model seamlessly accommodates vehicles including:

KrAZ Cougar

A multipurpose off-road vehicle used primarily by military forces for personnel transport and equipment hauling with robust armor and all-terrain capabilities.

Terrex APC

An armored personnel carrier known for its amphibious abilities and heavy-duty protection, used by several national armies worldwide.

Oshkosh Defense M-ATV

Designed for a full spectrum of battlefield operations, this vehicle combines advanced armor protection with superior mobility.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency with Advanced Features

Tailored for Intensive Use in Military and Defense Operations

Compatibility with heavy-duty vehicles includes:

HEMTT Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

HEMTT A4 Wrecker

Engineered for recovery operations, this vehicle is equipped with lifting, towing, and winching capabilities.

Oshkosh M1120A4

M977 HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck)

A logistics vehicle used for the resupply of combat vehicles and weapons systems, which requires robust and reliable tire systems to handle harsh conditions.

HEMTT A4 Wrecker

Oshkosh M1120A4

Part of the HEMTT line, designed for load handling and cargo carrying with a heavy-duty crane system.

Support for a Broad Range of SWAT and Police Vehicles

This machine supports law enforcement readiness in vehicles such as:


Commonly used in police and SWAT operations, providing tactical support, crowd control, and public safety functions.​


Customized for county law enforcement needs, facilitating rapid response and high-risk incident management.​


Specifically designed for SWAT team operations, providing high levels of armor protection and offensive capabilities during urban missions.


Robust Maintenance Tools for Enhanced Safety​

Comprehensive Safety and Maintenance Features

Features supporting maintenance include:

BearCat Military Vehicles

Used in various defensive operations, these vehicles demand high resilience from their tire systems under combat conditions.

US Army Hemtt Trucks

These are critical in logistical roles across combat zones, requiring constant maintenance to ensure operational readiness.

APC Military Vehicles

Armored personnel carriers that transport infantry and offer protection in conflict zones need reliable tire integrity for mission success.

Advanced Integration for Specialized Military Needs

Vehicles requiring specialized maintenance tools:


A wheeled reconnaissance vehicle and tank destroyer, prized for its speed and maneuverability in various terrains.

Roshel Senator APC

A modern armored vehicle offering high levels of protection and operational flexibility for peacekeeping and counter-insurgency operations.


Most frequent questions and answers
The GMT-099 differentiates itself through its exceptional mobility and versatility. Unlike stationary models, this unit is designed to be mounted on a trailer, making it fully self-contained and easily transportable to various locations. This mobile capability is ideal for conducting military tire assembly and run flat disassembly operations on the go, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience for military personnel in field and emergency scenarios.
The GMT-099 is uniquely suited for a broad range of military vehicles, particularly those with rim sizes between 16-27 inches. It is optimized for vehicles requiring runflat assemble and military tire replacement services, ensuring compatibility with advanced military hardware such as tanks, APCs, and armored reconnaissance vehicles.
The GMT-099 is uniquely suited for a broad range of military vehicles, particularly those with rim sizes between 16-27 inches. It is optimized for vehicles requiring runflat assemble and military tire replacement services, ensuring compatibility with advanced military hardware such as tanks, APCs, and armored reconnaissance vehicles.
Yes, GM Defensive is committed to ensuring optimal use and functionality of our run-flat systems by providing comprehensive on-site installation and training services. These services are designed to empower your team with the skills needed for military runflat assemble and disassemble processes. We also offer ongoing maintenance, warranty, and ready availability of spare parts to ensure a seamless and hassle-free operational experience.
Absolutely, the GMT-099 is engineered for efficient military run flat disassembly and assembly processes. It supports various military runflat systems, including military run flat assemble and disassemble operations, making it an indispensable tool for rapid deployment and maintenance of military vehicle tires under field conditions.

Some of the military vehicles with tires mostly compatible with GM's run-flat tire machines

*If you are unable to locate the military vehicles for which you require a run-flat changer to replace their tires, kindly complete the form with the names of the armored vehicles, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

M1126 ICV
International M1224 MaxxPro
KrAZ Cobra
KrAZ Cougar
KrAZ Shrek
KrAZ Spartan
Patria Pasi
Alvis 4
BAE Systems RG-31 Nyala
BAE Systems BvS10 Viking
BAE Systems Hagglunds CV90
General Dynamics Land Systems LAV III (Light Armored Vehicle III)
General Dynamics Land Systems Stryker Armored Vehicle
Rheinmetall Boxer Armored Fighting Vehicle
Nexter Titus
Otokar Cobra Armored Personnel Carrier
FNSS Defense Systems Pars Armored Personnel Carrier
Iveco SuperAV
ST Engineering Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle

International M1224 MaxxPro
Rocket Artillery Systems
BM-21 Gra
BM-27 Uragan
BM-30 Smerch
Oshkosh M-ATV
BAE Systems RG-33 MRAP
BAE Systems Caiman MRAP
Navistar Defense MaxxPro MRAP
General Dynamics RG-31 Nyala MRAP
Thales Group Bushmaster
Plasan Sasa SandCat

General Dynamics LAV Reconnaissance Vehicle series
Oshkosh L-ATV
BAE Systems RG-31 Nyala Reconnaissance Vehicle
Nexter System Véhicule Blindé Léger (VBL)
Rheinmetall Fuchs Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
ST Engineering Light Strike Vehicle
Iveco Defense Light Multirole Vehicle
Textron Systems Commando Select Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle

Husky TSV
Inkas Titan-S
Leyland DAF
Oshkosh JLTV
General Dynamics M1161 Growler
General Dynamics M1163 Prime Mover
Ford F-150 Raptor
Polaris MRZR
Textron Wildcat
BAE Systems RG Outrider

Oshkosh HEMTT A4
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M978A4 Fuel Servicing Truck
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M983A4 Light Equipment Transporter (LET)
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M984A4 Recovery Truck
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M985A4 Guided Missile Transporter (GMT)
Oshkosh HEMTT A4 M1120A4 Load Handling System (LHS)
BAE Systems HEMTT A4 M1075A1P2 Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET)
Navistar Defense MaxxPro Dash
Navistar Defense MaxxPro MRAP
AM General M977 HEMTT Cargo Truck
AM General M978 HEMTT Fuel Servicing Truck
AM General M983 HEMTT Tractor Truck
AM General M984 HEMTT Wrecker
AM GeneralM985 HEMTT Cargo Truck with Material Handling Crane (MHC)
MAN Truck HX77
Rheinmetall MAN HX2
Rheinmetall MAN HX3
Rheinmetall MAN HX4
Rheinmetall MAN HX45
Rheinmetall MAN HX58
Iveco Defense Trakker

Clearpath Robotics Husky
General Dynamics Multi-Utility Tactical Transport

BMC Kirpi
Bogdan Bars-6
Bogdan Bars-8
DAF YA-4442
Iveco ACM 80/90
Iveco Astra SM 66.40 Prime Mover
Iveco LMV
Iveco Trakker
Iveco VM 90P
Leyland DAF
Oshkosh FMTV
MAN Truck MAN HX77
Mercedes-Benz Zetros
Scania Gryphus
Sherpa Light

Ratel IFV
Nexter System VBCI
ST Engineering Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle
Patria AMV
FNSS Defense System Pars III 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Nexter Systems VBCI

AMZ Dzik
ATF Dingo
Gaia Amir
GAZ-2975 Tigr
OTR-21 Tochka
Roshel Senator