Eastern Europe & Russia Military Vehicle Models & Updates

Military vehicles in Eastern Europe and Russia are available in different types. Many of these vehicles are newer versions or adaptations of older Soviet models. The new land based vehicles have better armor, advanced electronics, and more firepower to meet modern combat needs. Below, we explore some of these vehicles by country, focusing on significant updates and the origins of the models.



Originating from the Soviet Union, this reconnaissance vehicle has not seen significant updates reported recently.


Caiman MRAP
Caiman MRAP

The Caiman is a new armored vehicle that offers flexibility and protection for different mission types.


BTR-82A Armoured Personnel Carrier
BTR-82A Armoured Personnel Carrier

A modernized version of the BTR-80, featuring improved armor and a more powerful armament system.


BTR-70 Armoured Personnel Carrier
BTR-70 Armoured Personnel Carrier

An upgrade of the BTR-70 with modern communications and enhanced engine performance.

GAZ Tigr

Tigr Military Vehicle
Tigr Military Vehicle

GAZ Tigr-M ‘Lis-PM’ is an improved version of the GAZ Tigr with better armor and updated electronic warfare gear.”

MZKT-4190100 Volat V1

MZKT-490100 Light Armoured Vehicle
MZKT-490100 Light Armoured Vehicle

A tactical vehicle developed by Belarus, designed for high mobility in various terrains.

The 122mm BM-21 ‘Grad’ and 122mm BM-21A ‘BelGrad’ are similar. However, the BelGrad has better firing systems. It may also have automated reloading.

The Polonez-M

Polonez Multiple Rocket Launcher
Polonez Multiple Rocket Launcher

The Polonez-M is an upgraded version of the original Polonez. It has improved range and accuracy. This makes it a more effective rocket launcher.

Belarus Military Vehicles Current Updates

Belarus is strengthening its military by upgrading old vehicles and creating new weapons like the Polonez-M rocket launcher. This is part of their efforts to improve their military capabilities. The country is focusing on modernizing its armed forces. The goal is to enhance their defense capabilities.

Belarus has been working together with Russia on projects to improve their armored vehicles and air defense systems.” This includes securing contracts for advanced Russian missile systems to bolster their national defense capabilities.


Tornado-G, Tornado-S

9K51M Tornado-G
9K51M Tornado-G

These rocket launchers are modern replacements for older models, providing guided munitions and extended ranges.


A Buk-M1-2 SAM System
A Buk-M1-2 SAM System

A significant update to the 9K37 Buk, this system features advanced radar capabilities and enhanced missile interception range.

S-400 Triumph

S-400 Triumf Launch Vehicle
S-400 Triumph Launch Vehicle

The S-400 Triumph is the latest air defense system. It offers multiple layers of defense. It can target various types of threats in the air.


Uragan 1M Multiple Rocket Launcher
Uragan 1M Multiple Rocket Launcher

A modernized version of the BM-27 Uragan, offering modular payloads and improved fire control systems.

KamAz and Ural Typhoon

KamAZ-5350 General Utility Truck
KamAZ-5350 General Utility Truck

The Kamaz and Ural Typhoon are modern vehicles designed to withstand mines and improvised explosive attacks, providing superior protection.

Russia Military Vehicles Current Updates

Russia continues to expand its military capabilities with significant upgrades across multiple vehicle platforms. Russia is focusing on improving its artillery precision and effectiveness.

This is achieved by implementing new systems such as the Tornado-G, Tornado-S rocket systems, and the Uragan-1M.

Russia is making progress in developing new armored vehicles through the Armata project. The project includes advanced tanks and APCs.

The Russian army has agreed to use new systems. They will start using them in the next few years. This will help improve their abilities.


BTR-3 and BTR-4

BTR-3E1 Armored Personnel Carrier
BTR-3E1 Armored Personnel Carrier

Modern Ukrainian APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) designed to offer better armor and mobility compared to older BTR models.


Vilkha Multiple Rocket Launcher
Vilkha Multiple Rocket Launcher

An advanced rocket system with significantly improved accuracy and range, derived from the BM-30 Smerch technology.

BTR-60PU-12M and BTR-70

BTR-60 Wheeled Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier
BTR-60 Wheeled Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier

Both have seen upgrades in communications and control systems to extend their operations.


KamAZ-5350 General Utility Truck
KamAZ-5350 General Utility Truck

An updated version of the military truck, enhanced for better off-road capability and payload capacity.

Ukraine Military Vehicles Current Updates

Ukraine’s defense industry has been actively upgrading and expanding its capabilities in response to ongoing regional conflicts. The development of the Vilkha rocket system and upgrades to the BTR series are part of this response.

Another update in Ukraine has received international support and contracts to improve its armored vehicle capabilities. Ukraine has received international support and contracts to enhance its armored vehicle capabilities.

This support includes agreements for newer Western models like the M1117. Additionally, we have arranged technology transfers to produce modern APCs and MRAPs in Ukraine.


Lazar 3

Lazar-3 Armoured Personnel Carrier
Lazar-3 Armoured Personnel Carrier

A newer version of the Lazar series APCs, offering improved armor and an integrated combat management system.


Bov Kiv Armoured Personnel Carrier
Bov Kiv Armoured Personnel Carrier

An upgraded version of the BOV for command and reconnaissance, featuring modern electronics and better armor protection.

Serbia Military Vehicles Current Updates

Serbia has been improving its land forces by introducing advanced models like the Lazar 3 APC. This vehicle is a major advancement in technology and armor protection.

Serbia is interested in improving its defense production capabilities. They recently introduced the BOV KIV and are also upgrading their current vehicle fleet. This aligns with Serbia’s strategy to achieve greater self-sufficiency in defense manufacturing.


Griffon and Jaguar

VBMR Griffon Armoured Personnel Carrier
VBMR Griffon Armoured Personnel Carrier

Griffon and Jaguar are vehicles in a program that can do many different jobs. They have special systems to help them see and gather information, and they also have extra armor to keep them safe.”



An updated version of the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer, with enhanced automation and a longer firing range.

Belgium Military Vehicles Current Updates

Belgium is updating its army with new vehicles like the Griffon and Jaguar to more advanced technology.

The CAESAR NG represents a significant upgrade in firepower, aimed at enhancing the country’s artillery capabilities. Belgium is updating its land forces to align with NATO standards, which includes modernizing its defense strategy.


Samel 90

An update to Bulgaria’s infantry mobility vehicle fleet, providing better engine performance and updated communication systems.

Bulgaria Military Vehicles Current Updates

Bulgaria’s military updates have been more modest, focusing on incremental upgrades such as the Samel 90.

The country is replacing old Soviet-era equipment with NATO-compatible systems through international partnerships and acquisitions. This includes plans to improve its logistical capabilities and the mobility of its ground forces with newer vehicle acquisitions.


The military vehicle situation in Eastern Europe and Russia highlights a strong focus on improvement.

Nations in the region are updating their military vehicles with advanced technology and stronger defenses to meet current challenges. Here are some key points:

– Belarus is updating old models and working with Russia to improve its defense systems, including advanced missile technology.

– Russia leads with precise artillery and innovative armored vehicles from its Armata project.

– Ukraine is enhancing its armored vehicles and rocket systems with support from international partners to bolster its defense.

Serbia is getting new armored carriers called Lazar 3, while Bulgaria is upgrading its fleet to meet NATO standards. Bulgaria is working on improving mobility and getting newer equipment.

These upgrades show a strong commitment to better military capabilities and highlight the ongoing changes in military technology. As these countries continue to improve their military vehicles, they are better prepared to handle regional security challenges.



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