GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Machine: Solution for Strykers

Run-flat tires are designed to keep moving after the puncture of military vehicles, such as Strykers. This gives the driver time to reach safety without damaging the tire or rim.

Changing run-flat tires can be a challenge due to their size and weight. GM Defensive run-flat tire changer machine is a cost-effective and time-saving solution. It is suitable for a variety of armored vehicles. One of the most well-known US-manufactured military vehicles that tires compatible with GM Defensive GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Machine is STRYKER.

Solutions for Military Tires; Run-Flat Tire Machine

GMR-023 run-flat tire changer machine is a specially designed run-flat tire machine. Run Flat Tire Machine can be used in following cases;

  1. Replacement of ring and rims of the military tires to allow users to replace the military run-flat tires.
  2. Designed with remote control to create effective work performance as well as automation for armoured vehicles’ users.
  3. Capable of disassembling and reassembling rubber and solid run-flat types.
  4. Compatible with most rim sizes ranging from 15-20 inches.
  5. Compatible with Hutchinson VFI Insert.
  6. Compatible with many Armoured Vehicles.

GM Defensive’s run-flat changer machine comes in 3 different models: GMR-023 Workshop model, GMH-098 Container model, and GMH-099 Trailer model.

GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Workshop Model

GMR-023 is a workshop model runflat changer machine. It has been specially designed by GM Defensive. Its purpose is to disassemble and reassemble run-flat tires used in military vehicles.

The run-flat machine has been designed to meet the demands of the defense industry. It provides fast and efficient solution for replacing and reassembling heavy run-flat tires.

GMR-023 is the standard model run-flat tire machine and is mounted on the ground in military workshops.

Run-flat Tire Changer comes equipped with;

-Lift system

-Ring remover system

-Hydraulic system unit

-Controller unit;

allowing for easy lifting and disassembling of the military tire,

removal of the run-flat tires,

reassembly of the new military tire.

Run-Flat Insert compatible with Run-Flat Changer Machine

Run-Flat Changer Machine For Stryker Armoured Vehicles

The GM Defensive GMR-023 workshop model run-flat tire machine is compatible with run-flat tires.

These tires are used on the Stryker armoured vehicles.

Specifically, it is compatible with Hutchinson VFI inserts.

Run-Flat Tire Machine is compatible with Strykers’ tires, as well as other military vehicles that use run-flat tires.

STRYKERS: Currently Active United States Military Land Vehicles, Quantity: 4,466

One of the most common vehicles that use run-flat tires is the Stryker armoured vehicle. There are 4,466 active military vehicles in the United States. They are an essential part of the US military’s land forces.


  1. M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) M1126 STRYKER (IAV)
  • The Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) and the Mobile Gun System (MGS).

-The (ICV) variant has eight additional configurations:

-Mortar Carrier (MC),

-Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV),

-Commanders Vehicle (CV),

-Fire Support Vehicle (FSV),

-Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV),

-Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV),

-Anti-tank Guided Missile Vehicle (ATGM),

-NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV).

  • M1296 “Dragoon” – All M1126 vehicles will be converted to this standard or attached with 4 Hellfire missiles.
M1296 “Dragoon” – All M1126 vehicles will be converted to this standard or attached with 4 Hellfire missiles.

2. M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV),

M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV),

3. M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS),

4. M1129 Mortar Carrier (MC),

5. M1130 Command Vehicle (CV),

6. M1131 Fire Support Vehicle (FSV),

7. M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV),

A 2nd Cavalry Regiment Stryker Engeneer Support Vehicle rolls on a range road at the Joint Multinational Training Center (JMRC) in Hohenfels, Germany on October 24, during U.S. Army in Europe’s exercise Saber Junction 2012. Saber Junction is a large-scale, joint, multinational, military training event with U.S. Soldiers and more than 1,800 multinational forces. (U.S. Army Europe photo by Visual Information Specialist Gertrud Zach/Released)…

8. M1133 Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV),

9. M1134 Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle (ATGMV),

10. M1135 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBC RV).

Run-Flat Tire Changer separates the wheel from its rim and rings;

It then disassembles the run-flat from inside the tire.
The machine re-inserts the run-flat into the new tire.
Finally, it reassembles the rims and rings.

GM Defensive GMR-023 run-flat changer machine is designed to provide a fast and effective working environment in a system that the user can manage with remote control.

GMH-098 Run-Flat Changer with Container

Run-Flat Tire Changer with container is designed to operate inside a 20 ft container, making it easy to transport and adapt to harsh working conditions. It comes equipped with an air conditioner for a comfortable working environment, a generator for operation anywhere, and a compressor for inflating the tire. It also has a full tool chest on wheels, an air inflator with a pressure gauge, and an air-powered impact lug nut wrench for quickly removing nuts and bolts.

GMT-099 Run-Flat Changer with Trailer

Run-flat tire changer with trailer has wheels that can move and can be attached to the back of suitable trucks or military vehicles. It comes equipped with all the features of the container model, but also has a 20-foot storage container, making it even more mobile.

GM Defensive’s run-flat changer machine is compatible mostly with Hutchinson VFI insert, and is currently being used in more than 40 locations in over 27 countries.

The company aims to introduce the run-flat tire changing machine to the world’s armed forces, providing them with the best solutions and product quality for managing their vehicles more effectively.

In conclusion, the GM Defensive run-flat tire machine is a game-changer for the military. Its unique design and capabilities allow for quick and efficient changing of run-flat tires, reducing the downtime of military vehicles and increasing their effectiveness in the field.



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