What is Our Innovation in Run-Flat Tire Changers

In the demanding world of military vehicle maintenance, GM Defensive stands out with our innovative run-flat tire changers. Our machines are not only designed for efficiency but also prioritize operator safety through advanced features and technology. Let’s delve into what sets our run-flat tire changers apart and how we ensure the highest standards of safety and performance.

What Makes GM Defensive’s Run-Flat Tire Changer Unique

At GM Defensive, we understand the critical nature of military operations and the importance of reliable equipment. Our run-flat tire changer is engineered to meet these demands, offering unique features that enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Advanced Safety Features

1- Securing Mounting and Dismounting Processes

Safety Shield

Safety Shield
Preventing Run-Flat Tire Ejection

Design and Material

Our safety shield is crafted from durable materials designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty tire changing. This shield is crucial in protecting operators from potential hazards during the tire-changing process.


The safety shield not only protects but also secures the run-flat tire, ensuring it stays in place due to its weight and design. This prevents any accidental dislodging during the operation.

Chain Mechanism

Run Flat Changer Machine-Chain Mechanism
Enhancing Protection with Secure Safety Shields

We use a robust chain mechanism to secure the tire during mounting and dismounting. This system ensures that the tire is firmly in place, minimizing the risk of injury.

2- Run-Flat Shields

Unlike other products on the market, our run-flat shields have an opening capacity of 1 meter (100 cm). Most other products typically open up to 80 cm.

The reason GM’s shields are designed to open up to 100 cm is to handle larger run-flat tires. The segmented, polygonal design of our run-flat shields ensures that even large run-flat tires can be changed safely and securely.

Segmented Design

The run-flat shields are maintained at an angle in segments (polygonal rather than round) to prevent slippage. This design is crucial because compressed run-flat tires contain significant energy and can try to escape if not properly secured.

Watch our demonstration video to see how the segmented design enhances safety in our run-flat tire changer.

Handling Capacity for Run-Flat Sizes

GM Defensive’s run-flat changer machines feature run-flat shields that open up to 100 cm. This capacity ensures that vehicles with larger run-flat tires achieve maximum performance with our machines.

Prevention of Run-Flat Slippage

Run Flat Shields
Better design for maximum user experience

Our wide run-flat shield design accommodates larger run-flats and prevents them from slipping and throwing out, ensuring a safe and controlled tire change.

3- Split Rim Wheel Replacement

Security Table Design

Security Table
Protects Users and Hydraulic Systems in Case of Run-Flat Tire Drops

A security table placed beneath the number hydraulic piston, facilitating the changing of rims. This table is designed to catch the tire in case of any slip, preventing it from falling and causing injury or damage.

4- Grease Oil Use

Grease Pump and Grease Gun Option

Grease Pump and oil
Enhances user flexibility and boosts productivity

In case of customers requesting, we provide a grease pump or grease gun, along with a compressor, to safely apply grease oil to the inner parts of the run-flat tire changers. This system allows operators to grease the shield without putting their hands inside, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Using the grease pump or gun minimizes the risk of injury and ensures that the run-flat tire changers operate efficiently without the need for manual application of grease. This not only improves safety but also enhances the overall maintenance process.

5- Emergency Stop Features and Controllers

Remote Controls

Radio Remote Controls

Our machines come equipped with two radio remote controls, each featuring an emergency stop button. These controls allow two operators to work independently, managing all machine functions from a distance of up to 50 meters.

The remote control can operate up to 50 meters. It is equipped with an emergency stop button, allowing the operator to stop the machine from a distance of up to 50 meters in case of an emergency.

Handheld Controllers

We also provide one handheld controllers, each equipped with an emergency button. These controllers are specifically designed to operate the winch and hydraulic piston, enhancing safety during the tire-changing process.

Emergency Button on Electrical Panel

Run Flat Changer Machine-Emergency Button on Electrical Panel

An additional emergency button is located on the electrical panel, ensuring that operators can quickly stop the machine in case of an emergency.

Joystick Control

The Workshop model is equipped with 4 emergency stop buttons. The Double Workshop model features 6 emergency stop buttons. Both the Container model and the Trailer model each have 4 emergency stop buttons.

The joystick control, which has an emergency stop button, manages hydraulic pistons. This comprehensive control system ensures that operators can handle all machine functions safely.

Innovations in Run-Flat Tire Changing Technology

run flat tire changer models comparisiontable

At GM Defensive, we continually innovate to improve the safety and efficiency of our tire changers. Our focus on advanced safety features and user-friendly controls ensures that our machines are at the forefront of military vehicle maintenance technology.

Enhanced Operator Safety

Operator safety is our top priority. From the design of our safety shields to the implementation of emergency stop buttons, every aspect of our tire changers is designed to protect those who use them.

Efficiency in Tire Changing

Our run-flat tire changers are not only safe but also incredibly efficient. By reducing the time required to change a tire, we help military operations run more smoothly and effectively.

Latest Updates on Run-Flat Tire Changer Safety

We continuously improve and regularly update our run-flat changer machines with the latest safety features and technological advancements. Stay tuned for more updates on how we are enhancing the safety and efficiency of our run-flat tire changers.


At GM Defensive, we provide the safest and most efficient run-flat tire changer machines on the market. Our commitment to innovation and operator safety sets us apart, ensuring that our machines meet the highest standards in the industry.


Q1: What safety features does the GM Defensive run-flat tire changer have?

Our run-flat tire changers include safety shields, segmented run-flat shields, a security table for split rim replacement, grease oil application systems, and multiple emergency stop buttons.

Q2: How do the emergency stop buttons enhance safety?

The emergency stop buttons allow operators to quickly halt the machine in case of an emergency, preventing accidents and ensuring operator safety.

Q3: What is the purpose of the segmented run-flat shields?

The segmented design prevents the run-flat tire from slipping or bursting out, ensuring a controlled and safe tire change process.

Q4: How does the grease pump enhance safety?

The grease pump or grease gun allows for safe application of grease oil, reducing the risk of injury by enabling operators to grease the shield without placing their hands inside, ensuring smooth machine operation.

Q5: What makes GM Defensive’s run-flat tire changers efficient?

Our tire changers reduce tire change time, enhance military vehicle maintenance efficiency, and ensure smooth operations.

Q6: How many remote controls does the run-flat changer machine have?

The double workshop model comes with two remote controls, while the other models have one remote control each.



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