Armlog Automatic Barrel Cleaning Systems

ARMLOG (PTY) Ltd is a diversified high-tech industrial company registered under the South African Companies Act.

Armlog Activities; Automatic Barrel Cleaning Systems, Military Training, Logistics Development, Commercial Products and Information Technologies.

Armlog deals with research and development, production and product support.

Pneumatic Barrel Cleaning System

Weapon Operator, Weapon Operator, Maintenance and Preferred Air Condition.

Barrel Cleaning Systems: Available in a range from 30 to 155 mm in diameter.

System Operation: The system requires only 70 to 100 Psi.

Operating Pressure: There is no non-bank control for gun, towing vehicle or external air compressor.

Open the system according to the air outlet of the vehicle of the house, which connects the air only to the system.

Vibration warnings: A complete cycle of the system is done in the 90’s to go under the barrel.

The average cleaning time is 10 minutes for a barrel.

Cleaning fluid: The barrel must be sprayed with liquid, sprayed using different types of liquids.

The brush must be installed after cleaning and sprayed with liquid.

Preventive Maintenance; gun oil, after cleaning the barrel, offers excellent protection against corrosion and prevents corrosion.

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